Selection of handmade bead designs

Welcome to my website. My name is Josephine and I'm a glass lampwork beadmaker and jewellery maker based in the beautiful county of Cornwall in the South West of England. I live in the heart of the countryside between Falmouth and Truro. My studio is in the garden of the  cottage which I share with my husband and three cats. 

I mostly work in quite an organic style often treating my beads to give an ancient or rustic appearance but you will generally see a variety of styles. Many of my designs are sold to order and made as required but I enjoy the chance to experiment and create one off designs whenever my order book allows the time. I sell individual beads, sets and pairs created specially for your earring designs.  

Lampwork dates back to Roman times and involves melting and manipulating glass in an open flame. A modern lampwork set up involves a table mounted torch running on propane and oxygen. This gives a hot, clean flame. A bead is formed around a steel mandrel which is later removed leaving the hole for stringing. Some beads incorporate materials such as enamel, fine silver wire or glass frit (small fragments of intensely coloured glass. Once a bead design is complete it is placed in a preheated, digitally controlled kiln. When I finish work for the day the kiln gradually reduces in temperature annealing the glass to eliminate stress and strengthen the finished beads. The following morning I remove the beads from the kiln, take them off the mandrels and clean out the holes. Some beads are acid etched to give matte or frosted finish. 


Many of my designs are made to order. Others are one off designs.